What is the 2016 Destination of the Year?

We live on a huge planet, with many, many wonderful places on it.  So the “Destination of the Year”  has to be great, right?  In fact, it should be super awesome to make “Destination of the Year”, don’t you think?  Well, while everyone will have a different opinion about this based on the type of places that they personally like to visit, there is a reason why Travel & Leisure voted this particular place as it’s 2016 Destination of the Year.  Having visited this country myself, I have to agree that it’s a great place.

Best Destination of the Year

This place is hotter than ever, and I’m not talking temperatures either!  It’s come back from being on the brink of bankruptcy after suffering severe economic crisis.  It’s politically calm, has a very rich cultural scene, is extremely affordable, has year round temperate climates and tourism is on the rise.

Something For Everyone

This is a country that people will be visiting in 2017.  It’s extreme affordability is making it a favorite already, and it’s getting easier to access now with at least 8 nonstops from U.S. cities.  So what is this place? Here are some hints….

2016 Destination of the YearIt’s got a wonderful, historic capital city.





2016 Destination of the YearIn just a short 2.5 hour drive you can get to a popular coastal region where you can find stunning scenery and great beaches.





2016 Destination of the YearHas a town that’s like a page torn from a fairy tale.





2016 Destination of the YearIf you’re into food and wine, one of its most popular cities is also one of Europe’s tastiest cities, and the gateway to a major wine growing region.





So what is this destination?


2016 Destination of the Year






And here’s the link to the Travel & Leisure 2016 Destination of the Year article with loads of great information about this great country.

Have you visited Portugal before?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you liked best!



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